APPLESHINE Brazil Premium Carnauba Wax (‘AS’) is currently one of the premium wax products available in the industry. Developed through exhaustive research and testing, AS is now a premium car grooming product that has enjoyed resounding approval from car owners, making it a popular bestselling item in the market. Here we answer the frequently asked questions on AS, including its effectiveness, application and maintenance tips and more.


Q: Is the protection provided by AS sufficient for my vehicle?

A: AS was developed specifically to target the effects of an increasingly harmful environment. Compared to other products that had short-lived results due to such harsh conditions, AS is formulated with high purity carnauba to enhance its resistance to acid rain, road tar and grime. It definitely provides effective, long-lasting and visible results that help you to save time and money.


Q: Is it normal for a brand new AS to have cracks or crumbs?

A: Due to its contents of high purity carnauba, it is not abnormal for AS to have some cracks or crumbs at the edges due to different temperature and humidity conditions. The appearance of cracks or crumbs does not affect the effectiveness of AS.


Q: Can AS be applied on rubber materials and headlight/brake light casings?

A: AS should only be used on painted surfaces of your vehicle for best aesthetic and protective results. It is not advisable for AS to be applied on other surfaces.


Q: Should AS be applied manually or with a buffing machine?

A: Both methods can be used. Due to the unique formula of AS, we would recommend manual application as the easier method.


Q: Why is AS applicable on cars that have a paint coating protection?

A: The main cause of damage for coatings is the strength of scratches and extent of friction between the surface and an external material. As long as the car wax product does not contain synthetic ingredients that create a grinding effect on the paint, the coating will not be damaged. Since AS is formulated using all natural raw materials, its application will not damage the coating, and in fact will create an additional protective layer over the coating.


Q: Is it necessary to remove traces of metal dust or powder first before application?

A: Metal dust can be removed with a metal dust remover, or you may consult with a professional car groomer for an expert opinion. If the surface of your car feels rough, it is necessary to use clay or other products to even out the surface first. If the car surface is already even, simply wash and dry the car and proceed with AS application.


Q: It is necessary to use asphalt remover during each car wash after applying AS?

A: Using natural water to wash your car will suffice. Use car shampoos or detergents only when required.


Q: Is it better to apply AS in a circular motion or in straight lines?

A: Both methods can be used to achieve the desired results. More importantly, the application should be carried out evenly in a thin layer.


Q: How often should I wash the car with shampoo? Is it necessary to remove previous wax before applying a new coat?

A: You can wash your car with shampoo whenever you deem it necessary, otherwise once every three months would suffice. It is not necessary to remove the previous wax, you may apply a new layer of AS when your car has been washed and dried.


Q: Is it necessary to expose the car surface to sunlight after the application of AS is completed?

A: It is not necessary to do so. If desired, you may wait 15 minutes after the completion of the application to use a microfiber cloth and wipe down the car.


Q: Are there any negative consequences if I leave the AS on the paint surface for longer than the recommended time?

A: There are no negative consequences.


Q: How much carnauba is in AS?

A: The carnauba content in most car wax products ranges from 10% to 45%. AS is the only product to contain 60% carnauba per 100g of product.


Q: After applying AS on my black car, there are white marks on the engine hood?

A: This issue occurs occasionally on the engine hoods of darker colored cars, in particular those that undergo very frequent waxing. Due to the high concentration of carnauba in AS and high temperature of the engine hood, the white carnauba in AS thus floats to the surface and may appear as white marks. To prevent this from happening, it is recommended to use good quality wax products and tools, and to refrain from applying overly thick layer of AS. Should the white marks appear on your car engine hood, you may use a strong fast-working cleaning agent or solvent to remove them.


Q: Are there any colors of cars that AS should not be used on?

A: There are no restrictions on any colors, AS can be applied on any color of car.


Q: Is it necessary to use water in the application of AS?

A: Due to the high quality of AS, you will only need to use a dry sponge to apply AS onto the car surface and proceed to complete the waxing process, before using a 100% microfiber cloth to wipe clean. It is not recommended to use water in this process.


Q: How long should I wait to remove the residual product after applying AS?

A: Due to the unique formula of AS and the use of quality Brazil carnauba, you may remove the wax residue once you finish applying it smoothly and evenly over the surface.


Q: Are there any things to take note of in the washing of the car after applying AS? Is it necessary to use car shampoo?

A: It is preferable to use a neutral car shampoo. The process of washing the car is as per normal.


Q: What should I do if I accidentally get AS on other surfaces besides the paint?

A: As the product only contains natural ingredients, it generally does not cause any damage to other surfaces. Simply wipe off with a dry or wet cloth.


Q: What is the shelf life of AS?

A: If unopened, AS can be kept for 2 years or more. Once opened, it should be used within 1 year. It is not advisable to store in the car due to its all-natural ingredients, and instead should be stored in a cool, shaded area that is well ventilated to prevent mold, mildew or compromised product quality.


Q: Is it okay if I use other products on my car after applying AS?

A: It is advisable to use other products before applying AS for best results.


Q: Is AS able to get rid of the sun streaks on my car?

A: It is possible for AS to make sun streaks less obvious and improve the appearance of the car. However, professional polishing is required to remove sun streaks completely.


Q: Is there a difference in the effectiveness of AS on a brand new car and an old car?

A: AS was designed to work best on car paint surfaces, so unless the condition of the paint itself is already compromised, the effectiveness of AS on new and old cars is the same.


Q: Is it necessary to wax the car again if I feel that the wax layer has worn off?

A: We recommend that you wax the car regularly, twice a month, to maintain lasting protective results. When water droplets are not so quick to roll off your car surface, it is an indication that AS application is needed again.


Q: Why do I need to wax my car?

A: The main reason why you should wax your car is to protect it from harmful environmental effects such as scratches from sand and grime, degradation from UV rays, bird droppings, pollution, acid rain and more. Waxing with AS protects your car from such harmful factors, enhancing the appearance of your car by preserving its shine, gloss and smoothness, while also making it easier to wash off dirt and grime.


Q: Can I wax the car myself? Is it difficult? How long does the process take?

A: Most people feel that waxing their cars requires too much time and effort, and that they don’t have the required skills to do a good job. However, the premium quality and unique formula of AS makes the waxing process much faster and easier. The product can be easily applied on the car surface and be wiped off with a microfiber cloth just as quickly. As such, we highly recommend that you experience this hassle-free and enjoyable process for yourself.


Q: Is it okay if I use cleaning agents to clean my car after I apply AS?

A: Unless the car is extremely dirty, we recommend using just water to clean the car as some cleaning agents might affect the effectiveness of AS.


Q: How do (I ensure maximum effectiveness of AS and prevent its quality from being compromised ?

A: To ensure that AS delivers the best results, you can do the following:

  1. Prevent any contact with moisture
  2. Prevent any form of contamination
  3. Ensure the cleanliness of the product, both internal and external
  4. Prevent the accumulation of water in the product
  5. Store in small quantities