About Us

Most car owners do not have much know-how when it comes to protecting their cars and prolonging its pristine appearance, and are also highly inconvenienced or simply unable to leave their car in a workshop for several hours at a time while the groomers work their magic - and those are the exact reasons why C2A Car Shine was established.
We go the extra mile (at your doorstep) to provide a completely hassle-free experience.
We start our service from 9.30pm to next morning 5.00am.
We work you rest. You will wake up with a clean car. ‘Satisfaction Guarantee’
We have many satisfied customers, as we ensure our job done professionally.
🚗Environmental Friendly : We use 1.5 Ltr of water to wash a car, compare with traditionally 8.0 Ltr to 10.0 Ltr of water use to wash a car.
🚗Financially Friendly : Wash - S$7.50, Wax - S$45.00 (for Sedan, Exterior only), one of the lowest price in town.
🚗More Time with your Love one : Professional job done by us, so you have more time with your love one.
We also work with local social enterprises, as a form for us to give back to society.