C2A Car Shine LLP


Most car owners do not have much know-how when it comes to protecting their cars and prolonging its pristine appearance, and are also highly inconvenienced or simply unable to leave their car in a workshop for several hours at a time while the groomers work their magic - and those are the exact reasons why C2A Car Shine was established. 

We work closely with local social enterprise as a form to give back to society. 

We go the extra mile (even to your doorstep) to provide a completely hassle-free experience.


We Work To Your Schedule

We provide the ultimate in flexibility and convenience as our team of experts can go to where your car is at, whether at home, in the office, or anywhere else.as our team of experts can go to where your car is at, whether at home, in the office, or anywhere else.

Total Assessment & Consultation

We'll provide a free, complete diagnosis of the condition of your paintwork and interior surfaces.


Quality Checks & Control

We have a comprehensive list of quality checks that is performed after each service is completed.



C2A Car Shine aspires to be the leading car groomer in Singapore, providing professional top-quality services to clients from all walks of life, including private and commercial vehicles.

We aim to complete each and every task and service in a timely, productive and effective manner to give our customers the best value-for-money and customer service experience.




We believe in the continuous training, re-training and upgrading of skills to ensure that each C2A Car Shine groomer is adequately equipped with the knowledge and expertise that are essential in the complete car grooming process.

Each C2A Car Shine groomer is professionally certified and undergo a strict selection process to ascertain that their values are aligned with the C2A Car Shine corporate values of Accountability, Responsibility and Teamwork.



In partnership with local social enterprises, we are proud to give the needy a second chance at reintegrating themselves into society. Our team of trained groomers will impress you with their skills and knowledge - show your support for them and make an appointment with us now! To find out more about our partner local social enterprise, please visit their website

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APPLESHINE Brazil Premium Carnauba Wax is made with all-natural plant-based ingredients, including food grade Carnauba Wax, essential oils for fragrance and solvent from refined petrification. Due to its unique formula, any general contact with the p

Apple Shine - 186g


Generally can wax up to 10 cars*

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Apple Shine - 114g


Generally can wax up to 6 cars*

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Apple Shine - 38g


Generally can wax up to 2 cars*

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Chezhihui Tyre Shine 650g


Tyres Shine, 650g, price per bottle, Spray, for instant tyres shine, product of China

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